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Jean-Jacques Goldman - La Collection 1981-2001
Jean-Jacques Goldman - La Collection
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"La collection 1981-2001" regroupe l'intégralité des albums studios de l'un des chanteurs les plus populaires de la pop française Jean-Jacques Goldman en version remastérisé (y compris les albums du projet Fredericks Goldman Jones dans les années 1990). A l'exception d...
Genre : Pop, Pop rock,
Ajouté le Lara Fabian Discographie
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Lara Fabian Discographie 1991-2019Albums(1991) Lara Fabian(1995) Carpe Diem(1996) Pure(2000) Lara Fabian(2001) Nue(2004) A Wonderful Life(2005) 9(2009) Every Woman In Me(2009) Toutes les femmes en moi(2012) Mademoiselle Zhivago(2013) Le Secret(2015) Ma Vie Dans La Tienne(2017) Camouflage(2019) Papil...
Ajouté le Jean Leloup Pack Albums
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Jean Leloup Pack Albums1989 - Menteur1990 - L'amour est sans pitié1996 - Le Dôme1998 - Les Fourmis2002 - La Vallée Des Réputations2004 - Exit (en spectacle) 2CD2005 - Je Joue De La Guitare 1985-2003 (compilation)2006 - Mexico2009 - Mille Excuses Milady...
Ajouté le Robert Palmer Discographie
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Robert Palmer Discographie 1974-2013 1974 - Robert Palmer - Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley1975 - Robert Palmer - Pressure Drop1976 - Robert Palmer - Some People Can Do What They Like1978 - Robert Palmer - Double Fun1979 - Robert Palmer - Secrets1980 - Robert Palmer - Clues1...
Ajouté le Seal Discographie
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Seal Discographie 1990-2015 1990 - Seal - Crazy1990 - Seal - Crazy [Urban Remix Promo]1990 - Seal - Killer [Promo]1991 - Seal - Crazy [Japan]1991 - Seal - Future Club EP1991 - Seal - Future Love EP1991 - Seal - Future Love EP [Japan]1991 - Seal - Future Love Paradise - Crazy - Kil...
Genre : House, soul, pop rock
Ajouté le Sheryl Crow Discographie
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Sheryl Crow Discographie 1991-20181991 - Sheryl Crow - Unreleased 1st Album1993 - Sheryl Crow - Tuesday Night Music Club1993 - Sheryl Crow - Tuesday Night Music Club [Japan]1994 - Sheryl Crow - Run, Baby, Run1994 - Sheryl Crow - Tuesday Night Music Club [Limited Edition]1995 - Sheryl Crow - MTV Unpl...
Ajouté le Culture Club ‎– The Hits Collection
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cd101.Culture Club - Karma Chameleon02.Culture Club - Time (Clock Of The Heart)03.Culture Club - The Medal Song04.Culture Club - I Pray05.Culture Club - Church Of The Poison Mind06.Culture Club - Victims07.Culture Club - Miss Me Blind08.Culture Club - Man Shake09.Culture Club - Work On Me Baby10.Cul...
Ajouté le Chris Isaak ‎– Mr. Lucky (Deluxe)
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01 Cheater's Town02 We Let Her Down03 You Don't Cry Like I Do04 We've Got Tommorow05 Breaking Apart06 Baby Baby07 Mr. Lonely Man08 I Lose My Heart09 Summer Holiday10 Best I Ever Had11 We Lost Our Way12 Very Pretty Girl13 Take My Heart14 Big Wide Wonderful World15 - I Got It Bad16 - Dr...
Ajouté le Chris Isaak ‎– Speak Of The Devil
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01 Please02 Flying03 Walk Slow04 Breaking Apart05 This Time06 Speak Of The Devil07 Like The Way She Moves08 Wanderin'09 Don't Get So Down On Yourself10 Black Flowers11 I'm Not Sleepy12 7 Lonely Nights13 Talkin' 'bout A Home14 Super Magic 2000...
Ajouté le Chris Isaak ‎– Mr. Lucky
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01 Cheater's Town02 We Let Her Down03 You Don't Cry Like I Do04 We've Got Tommorow05 Breaking Apart06 Baby Baby07 Mr. Lonely Man08 I Lose My Heart09 Summer Holiday10 Best I Ever Had11 We Lost Our Way12 Very Pretty Girl13 Take My Heart14 Big Wide Wonderful World...
Ajouté le Chris Isaak ‎– Forever Blue
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01 Baby did a bad bad thing02 Somebody's Crying03 Graduation Day04 Go Walking Down There05 Don't Leave Me on My Own06 Things Go Wrong07 Forever Blue08 There She Goes09 Goin' Nowhere10 Changed Your Mind11 Shadows in a Mirror12 I Believe13 The End Of Everything...
Genre : Rock, Pop Rock
Ajouté le Boy George And Culture Club ‎– Life
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01 - Boy George - God & Love02 - Boy George - Bad Blood03 - Boy George - Human Zoo04 - Boy George - Let Somebody Love You05 - Boy George - What Does Sorry Mean_06 - Boy George - Runaway Train07 - Boy George - Resting Bitch Face08 - Boy George - Different Man09 - Boy George - Oil & Wa...
Genre : Rock, Pop, Pop Rock
Ajouté le The Bangles Albums Collection
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The Bangles Albums Collection 1986-2011The Bangles - The Essential 2004The Bangles - All Over The Place 1984The Bangles - Different Light 1986The Bangles - Doll Revolution 2003The Bangles - Eternal Flame (The Best Of) 2001The Bangles - Everything 1988The Bangles - Greatest Hits 1990The Bangles - Pat...
Ajouté le Madonna ‎– Music + Bonus!
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01 - Music 02 - Impressive Instant03 - Runaway Lover04 - I deserve it05 - Amazing06 - Nobody's Perfect07 - Don't tell Me08 - What it feels like for a Girl09 - Paradise (Not For Me)10 - Gone11 - American Pie12 - Music (Groove Armada Radio Mix)13 - Music (Hex Hector Remix)14 - American Pie (...
Ajouté le Madonna ‎– American Life
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01 - American Life02 - Hollywood03 - I'm so Stupid04 - Love Profusion05 - Nobody knows me06 - Nothing Fails07 - Intervention08 - X-static Process09 - Mother and Father10 - Die another day11 - Easy Ride...
Ajouté le Foreigner Discography (1981 - 2008)
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Foreigner - 4 1981Foreigner - Agent Provocateur 1984Foreigner - Can't Slow Down (2CD) 2009Foreigner - Double Vision 1978Foreigner - Foreigner 1977Foreigner - Head Games 1979Foreigner - Inside Information 1987Foreigner - Mr. Moonlight 1994Foreigner - No End In Sight (The Very Best Of Foreigner 2...
Ajouté le Robbie Williams Discographie
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Robbie Williams Discographie 1996-2017Albums1997 - Life Thru a Lens1998 - I've Been Expecting You2000 - Sing When You're Winning2001 - Swing When You're Winning2002 - Escapology2003 - Live summer 20032004 - Greatest Hits2005 - Intensive Care2006 - Rudebox2009 - Reality Killed the Vide...
Ajouté le Styx [Discography] 1972 - 2005
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1972 Styx I1973 Serpent Is Rising 1973 Styx II 1974 Man of miracles 1975 Equinox 1976 Crystal ball 1977 The grand Illusion 1978 Pieces of Eight 1979 Cornerstone 1980 Paradise theater 1983 Killroy was here 1990 Edge of the century 1999 Brave new world 2003 Cyclorama 2005 Big bang theory...
Ajouté le Maroon 5 Discographie
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Maroon 5 Discographie 2001-2018Albums2001 Maroon 5 - Singles2002 Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane2005 Maroon 5 - Live Friday The 13th (CD)2007 Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long2007 Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long (International Version)2008 Maroon 5 - Call And Response_ The Remix...
Ajouté le James Blunt Discographie
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James Blunt Discographie 2004-2019 2004 Back To Bedlam2006 Chasing Time The Bedlam Sessions2007 All The Lost Souls2009 The Best & The Rest2010 Some Kind Of Trouble2011 Trouble Revisited2013 Moon Landing (Deluxe Edition)2017 The Afterlove2019 Once Upon A MindA tout ceux qui aiment chercher le...
Ajouté le Blondie - iTunes Festival 2014
HDLight 1080p (VO)
Ajouté le One Direction - Gold Collection
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CD101 One Direction - Steal My Girl1 One Direction - Best Song Ever02 One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful03 One Direction - Gotta Be You (2012 US Version)04 One Direction - Kiss You05 One Direction - Ready to Run06 One Direction - Story of My Life07 One Direction - Diana08 One Direction - Littl...
Ajouté le Jenifer ‎– Jenifer
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01 Des mots qui résonnent !02 Au soleil03 J'attends l'amour04 Je garde (avec Mario Barravecchia)05 Nos points communs06 Entre humains07 Je ne pourrai plus aimer08 Donne-moi le temps09 Là où tu rêves10 Secrets défenses11 Viens me voir13 Que reste-t-il...
Ajouté le Pink - Live From Melbourne 2013
Blu-Ray 720p (VO)
Genre : Pop rock, RnB, pop
Ajouté le Pink Discographie
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Pink Discographie 2000-2019 Albums Studio2000 - Can't Take Me Home2001 - Missundaztood2003 - Try This2006 - I'm Not Dead2008 - Funhouse2010 - Greatest Hits...So Far!!!2012 - The Truth About Love2014 - Rose ave.2017 - Beautiful Trauma2019 - Hurts 2B HumanA tout ceux qui aiment chercher des ...
Genre : Pop rock, RnB, pop
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